Overview of the Slot Game “Jade of the Jungle”

Developer Jade of the Jungle is a slot game inspired by the jungles of Central America and developed by Stakelogic and their partners at Jelly. Since this is a frequent stop for slot machine developers, standing out from the crowd is essential to gaining players’ attention. Because of space constraints, Jade of the Jungle features two rotating game grids instead than one. It’s a growing trend, but it’s still unusual; may this be what sets Jade of the Jungle apart from the rest? The only way to find out.

The two 3×3 game panels that make up Jade of the Jungle are joined together in the exact middle by a whirling stone figure. Players won’t have any trouble placing themselves in the world thanks to the trees, vines, shrubs, and background step pyramid. In terms of visuals, Jade of the Jungle is a good experience overall; it’s not very eye-catching but nonetheless lovely. The music is soothing as well, consisting of panpipes and the like while the action is still and a repetitive drumming when the reels are spinning.

In Jade of the Jungle, you may win prizes by aligning symbols across one of the game’s seven fixed paylines, which appear across both reel sets. While the game’s theoretical RTP of 95.30% isn’t awful in and of itself, the overall average quality of the experience means that it doesn’t seem particularly worthwhile to play. You should know that the minimum acceptable RTP varies from market to market, but can be as low as 88.06% in some cases. Bets can be increased by a factor of two, from 25 percent up to £/€125 every spin, by selecting the Super Stake option. When Super Stake is engaged, a function that is unavailable during regular play becomes accessible.

Now let’s take a look at the standard symbols, which include four Aztec-themed emblems, a snake, a bird, two faces, and a glittering piece of jade, with values ranging from 4x to 10x the stake for the three most valued symbols. For the time being, the wild symbol is the only one that may stand in for any other icon save the scatter.

Gameplay Features in “Jade of the Jungle” Slot

The Super Stake feature, which costs extra money, and the free spins with the symbol removal mechanism are also discussed.

Extraordinary Bet Option

If Super Stake is activated, special features may arise at random. Once activated, a standard paying icon is selected at random. The reels are emptied of all icons except wilds or the selected symbol. The reels will spin once with the player’s chosen symbols and wilds added. To clarify, whether Super Stake is activated or off has no effect on the RTP.

Bonus Turns

Both sets of reels include a single or triple scatter position. Three or more scatters anywhere on the reels trigger eight or twelve free games, depending. Every time a scatter appears during a round of free games, the lowest paying symbol is removed from the reels for the duration of the feature, and the player is given an additional one or two free games. The objective here is, without stating the obvious, to have as many symbols eliminated as possible in order to be left with only the most valuable ones.

The Decisive Jade of the Jungle Slots

Most slot machine software creators strive relentlessly for innovation to satisfy the interests of players. Every once in a while, a fresh idea pays off and a production company makes the next great thing. Sometimes it hits its mark and becomes a permanent fixture, but other times it lands in the middle of the field and provides entertainment for a while before disappearing into the big slots garbage crusher. Jade of the Jungle floats in the center, precariously close to the trash compactor. The game gets off to a good start with to its six reels, Super Stake feature, and symbol removal free spins.

When you realize that Jade of the Jungle is basically two 3×3 slots rotating in unison, your interest level drops significantly. Surprisingly, although not necessarily, the use of several grids to drive the action results in relatively minimal interaction between the two game panels. There are no features such as synchronized reels or the replacement of symbols. Despite our first assumptions, the bonus game’s reels do not combine into a single 6-by-6 grid. False, they are only two reel sets rotating next to one another. Get two for the price of one? Almost, but not quite, because the return to player percentage is somewhat lower than average and simultaneous hits on both reel sets do not usually occur. Players that want to take their time with each spin would benefit from the dual reel strategy, but at this point we may just be clinging at straws. When the Super Stake feature was activated, however, winnings occurred on both grids more often than not, sometimes yielding larger rewards than we were able to wring out of free spins.

Interestingly, the home screen for Jade of the Jungle promised a bonus game with five win spins and an x5 multiplier, similar to Pimped. It appears that during building, either Jelly or Stakelogic altered their minds and decided to use the symbol upgrading system instead. You should anticipate Jade of the Jungle to not really step up, with the highest you can win being 2,976x your stake, but this free spins method works decently once you’ve knocked off a number of the lower-paying symbols.

Final thought: Jade of the Jungle was OK for a few spins, if only for a speedy return to Central America. Still, there hasn’t been anything to get many people excited. It’s more of a gimmicky “look at me” effect than anything else, as having two rotating grids at once offers no real benefit over having just one.






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