An Overview of Lost Boys’ Gold (iSoftBet)

It’s surprising to see that, despite regulators’ growing concern over the use of graphics that could appeal to children, some developers are still making video slots that look like they belong in a children’s Fruit Loops box. The latest from iSoftbet is a take on the Peter Pan story, and while it’s chock full of features, it’s also missing something in the action area.

The game’s 5 reels and 3 rows are filled with color and personality, so it’s no surprise that the first impression is a good one when you load it up. The grid is centered on Captain Hook’s ship, which is anchored in the distantly shimmering waters of Neverland. After taking in the sights, players can choose the coin value (split by the game’s 20 fixed paylines) by betting anywhere from 0.20 c/p up to $/€20.

The payouts in Lost Boys Loot are average at best. Despite this, the maximum theoretical return on the total bet is acceptable, so long as you don’t mind the limited wagering alternatives. The lack of unlimited coin play will turn off even the most dedicated jackpot hunters. Because they were nomads who lived in trees and weren’t exactly known for their wealth, the Lost Boys characters don’t have a lot of money stowed away. However, the slot is far from restrictive, with an RTP rate of 96.01%, which is above average. Combining a respectable hit rate with a moderate amount of randomness results in a game that casual players will enjoy. However, the more serious gamblers will likely flee the area.

Fans will be pleased by the inclusion of the three main characters, Hook, Peter, and Tinkerbell, all of whom play significant parts throughout the game as wilds or scatters. Diamonds, hearts, clubs, and spades make up the rest of the paytable, with values ranging from 0.20x to 5x. The clock and map are the medium-paying symbols (paying out between 0.5 and 7.5x), while the three lost lads are the high-paying symbols (paying out between 0.75 and 25x).

Features of Lost Boys’ Gold (iSoftBet)

If there is one thing you can’t accuse Lost Boys Loot of it is being short on bonus features. With the option of four wilds, why settle for just one? Two 1×1 Hook wilds are the norm and can be used in place of any other symbol in the game. At random intervals during the main game, Tinkerbell will appear and transform between three and five symbols into wilds.

The Treasure Trap Free Spins feature is activated when the Fully Stacked Hook Wild appears on the middle reel and replaces any of the regular pay symbols. Players initiate this bonus round by spinning the Captain’s wheel, which can award anywhere from five to twelve extra spins. The extended Hook wild will stay in place on the middle reel during the free games. When a winning combination is formed, Hook throws a net over the symbols to keep them in place for the rest of the spins.

With 3, 4, or 5 Peter Pan bonus symbols, you’ll enter the Dueling Free Spins bonus round. Free spins awards range from 10 to 30 for finding the Peter Pan bonus symbols. Dueling is a term for when Pan and the extended Hook symbol both land at the same time, which results in a fight. If Hook comes out on top, the bonus round multiplier goes up, and if Pan triumphs, the number of free spins is increased.

To access the Lost Boys Bonus, you need just collect the final symbol, the treasure chest. The game then transitions to a screen filled with treasure chests, each of which may contain a cash prize or one of two free spins rounds.

The crocodile that chewed off Hook’s hand makes occasional cameo appearances as well. The crocodile waits below a reel in Tick Tock’s Wild Chomp feature, and when a Hook wild lands on that reel, the croc jumps up to grab him, turning all symbols beneath it wild.

Results for iSoftBet’s “Lost Boys” Heist

After that, you may need a few seconds to collect your thoughts. There are a lot of moving parts in the gameplay, so trying out a demo is a good idea. Lost Boys Loot is not a fast-paced, high-volatility slot machine, but its colorful theme and abundance of extras make it interesting.

Where it lags is that Peter Pan and Neverland were all about magic, about being young forever, and about flying. Sure, there are battles between Hook and Pan during the game, but it’s all a bit down to earth – it doesn’t soar to the heights that the movie and stories achieved. Fans of the Pan fable may have been more invested if the film had featured more magic or a more stirring score.

Lost Boys Loot is an attractive slot machine that performs above averagely. It does have a certain allure that makes spinning its reels fun, so maybe we were being too harsh on it in the previous paragraph. It’s exciting to see how many hidden features iSoftBet has hidden away. The end result is a slot with a good feature mix and low volatility, making it ideal for casual players. Those expecting a more powerful effect will be disappointed. The maximum payout on a single spin is 500 times the wager, and with multipliers this could potentially grow to substantial sums. However, the maximum payout has been set at 48,190 coins, which is equivalent to about 2,410x the wager.

The overall feel, subject matter, and statistics will appeal to a specific subset of gamblers, and that’s totally cool. If the idea of visiting Neverland appeals to you, you should have a good time there. However, if you are repulsed by the figures, not even Tink’s magic dust can change your mind.






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